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Product name: Perkin Elmer
Product name: OHAUS / new EXPLORER / / Defender 7000 Relay Kit - video

Introducing the most intelligent and intuitive balance ever to come from the mind of OHAUS.

Welcome to the all-new EXPLORER Series of Analytical and Precision balances completely re-imagined from the ground up -
representing a revolutionary shift in the way users interact and operate a weighing instrument all based on our
ingeniously practical design philosophy.


Defender 7000 Relay Kit

How to use the relay kit of Ohaus Defender models.

Product name: PerkinElmer - CHANGE FOR THE NEW

We reward your loyality !

Since 75 years PerkinElmer is on the edge of innovation of analytical instruments. For this year’s 75th anniversary celebration we have a special promotion for you. We will reward your brand loyality for your CHANGE TO THE NEW.

You will receive a basic discount of 15%* for your instrument and the age of your trade-in unit will increase this discount (eg. 10 yrs = 10%). The older your instrument, the higher is your discount!

This promotion is valid for systems built after 1995 and cannot be combined with any other promotion.

Interested? Contact us today!

Milutina Milankovića 25
11070 Novi Beograd
Tel.011/222-2222, lok.608

Product name: Memmert - Climate chamber ICH now with digital C02 control
Climate chamber ICH now with digital C02 control


Illustrious new addition to the Memmert ICH family!

 The com­bination of the parameters temperature, humidity and CO2 makes the climate chamber ICH 256C an appliance that can be universally used for building material tests or in cell biology, in which temperatures below room temperature are necessary.

Due to its sophisticated high performance technology, our newest showpiece rightly bears the Memmert 100% Atmo-5AFE seal of quality. No dehumidification of the working cham­ber, no drying out of samples and unparalleled precision!

Top CO2 control performance: CO2 supply via sterile filters, electronic CO2 control with automatic zero setting, intrinsic ad­justment of the altitude above sea level

Top humidity control performance: Active humidification and dehumidification from 10-80% rh, minimum water con­sumption due to hermetically sealed interior, dehumidification through Peltier cold trap.

Product name: TESTO 2011
Product name: Application packages for SQ8 GCMS


Product name: Charm EZ Training Video
Charm EZ Training Video

- ovaj odličan VIDEO klip, korak po korak, daje vam kompletno uputstvo o korišćenju Charm EZ aparata.